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Save Time
Approve prescriptions with just a few clicks—and get more time to spend caring for pets in need.
Go Paperless
No more faxes. View all current and past prescription requests in one place.
Faster Approvals
Electronic approval makes for the faster delivery of pets’ prescriptions.
Completely Free
Petscriptions is a free platform for you.

Watch Petscriptions in Action

How It Works

  • Pet parents purchase items through Chewy.
  • A prescription approval request arrives in your clinic’s Petscriptions platform.
  • With just a few clicks, you can approve or deny the prescription, add refills, and provide usage instructions.
  • Post approval, we will prepare the item(s) for shipment.
  • Pets get their prescription delivered to their home within 1-2 days.


Why I Use it


The efficiency of it is fantastic. We can approve prescriptions faster than what it would be to fill out a fax and send that back.

Greentree Animal Clinic

Why I Love it


I’m so excited to click a button instead of fussing with paper.

Anderson Vet Clinic

How it Helps


This is a good way to track what's been approved. Prescriptions are all right here, not spitting through a fax machine.

World of Animals at Rittenhouse



Q. Who can use Petscriptions?

A. Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and clinic administrators are able to create accounts and view prescription requests. However, only veterinarians can approve or deny prescriptions.

Q. How does this affect my clients who make purchases through Chewy?

A. Your client won't notice any changes other than getting their pet's prescriptions faster! Once the prescription request is electronically approved by a Veterinarian in Petscriptions, our team of Pharmacists will review the order and it will be prepared to ship.

Q. How do I sign my clinic up for PracticeHub?

A. Ready to get started with PracticeHub? Sign up here and a representative will reach out to you with next steps to activate your clinics online approval portal.

Q. Am I able to enroll myself or a single veterinarian in Petscriptions?

A. Customer orders are routed by clinic and not by individual veterinarian. Signing up for Petscriptions will enroll the entire clinic onto the program.

Q. Does Petscriptions have a mobile app?

A. The Petscriptions program is easily accessible from any website via desktop or mobile. This allows veterinarians to review pending prescriptions on the go at any time. A specific mobile app is in development.